This section presents some basic examples using Actin with UR Robots.

  1. Simple Scripting Example This in introduces EcScript in a tutorial style. For in depth EcScript information, see this video tutorial:

  2. Collision Maps Include and exclude collisions between manipulators and objects in their environment. This is required with picking up objects or attaching manipulators.

  3. Manipulator Attachments Attach gripper or other manipulators to the end of the arm.

  4. Digital I/O gripper Control May grippers can be controlled throug the UR Control box digital I/O lines. This example shows you how to access the digital I/O to control a gripper.

  5. Pick and Place - Path Planning Moving the end effector in the enviornment to pick and place requires path planning to avoid collisions. This examples show you how to execute path planning.

  6. Use Case Examples

    • OnRobot Gripper Device Integration - how to specify the kinematics of a gripper in SolidWorks, then export and interface to the gripper in simulation and in hardware.
    • External Axis Integration - how to add a motorized external axis (such as a rail) using EtherCAT. Supports both simulation and hardware control.