Actin UR is a robot application development kit, targetted at robot solution providers and integrators. It offers advanced control of UR robots including:

  • External (7th) Axis Coordination
  • Multi Robot control (synced or coordinated behaviours)
  • High level scripting language (EcScript)
  • Full Simulation of the robot and surronding environment

The development kit is based on Actin SDK, which has been in use for over 15 years on some of the world's most challengin robot environments, including undersea robots, space robots, surgical robots, oil drilling platform robots and manufacturing robots. The motion control, collision avoidance, path planning and high level Natural Tasking now packaged with UR control models in a single application development kit : Actin UR.

Energid offers extensive support and professional services to help focused robotics team quickly acheive their robot application objectives - allowing team to concentrate on the value proposition of their application rather than intricate and and complex motion control.

This doc refers to Actin Viewer, Actin Viz and Actin RCF.