C++ Examples


The training examples provided with the Actin SDK are designed to help you learn how to apply the SDK libraries to solve problems in robotics motion control. The examples build on each other, so following them in order (rather than jumping around) will help.

To make the learning easier, we’ve provided two visualization tools:

  • Actin Render module – this simple renders the robot model in a graphics window.
  • ActinViz – this provides model visualization, UI interaction, and a script editing window with syntax highlighting for EcScript, the Actin scripting language.

To get the most of these training examples, you should already be familiar with the content of these training courses offered by Energid:

  • Actin Concepts
  • Actin Core

There are 8 examples included with the training. For each example we’ve provided the code to run the example. The example topcis are listed below. The following pages will explain how each examples works and the relevant Actin SDK classes that are used in the code.

The following examples use ActinViz (AV) and EcScript. We’ve provided the source code for ActinViz, written in C++ and Qt QML so that you can create your own, modified graphical UI. This relies on our actin_qml library.

  • UR10 Simple Motion
  • UR10 Simple Grasping
  • UR10 Simple Welding
  • UR10 Simple Assembly

Each example has an follow-on challenge to help you assess your understanding of the content. Try to solve the challenge, which requires coding and rebuilding. We also include the supplemental files (.cpp, .h) in case you want to see our proposed solution.