Surgical Robot
Figure 1. Actin controlling a surgical robot
Surgical Block Diagram
Figure 2. Surgical Robot RCF Architecture
The surgical robot implemenation has the application running the Surgeon's console on the non RTOS platform, while the motor control of the robot arms is on the RTOS platform. The two platforms communicate through shared memory, which in this case are running on the same computer. The EtherCAT interface offers direct control of the robot joint motors - there is no intermediary controller for the robot.

Bin Picking Robot

Bin Picking Architecture
Figure 4. Bin picking RCF Architecture

In the bin picking example show in Fig. 3 & 4, the RCF components are fully contained in the Compute node.The UR controller represents the physical UR power supply and controller box. RCF communicates with the controller using the transfer layers to talk to the custom UR Cap (written by Energid) and the URContorl using UR script. And additional transfer layer exists to interface to the 3D sensor used in the vision system to identify individual parts in the bin. The system controller for bin picking contains the state machine and the Actin Core libraries.